Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I love making birds! I know it's kind of cliche, but I think they're the most marvelous creatures--I just love thinking about them.


The way birds see the world--
Not simply a quick fix
          on the flutter of bug wing
                    or flick of rat tail.
Not just the twitch of head,
          the scan for a ready rest stop.
More than the way
                    life usually sees life--
          the serpentine dodge and weave and wallow
                              through opportunity
                                        and obstacle.

An aerial perspective.
But still more.

Perhaps to see, like dogs,
          the colored auras of intention.
Or like cats--the rumbling waves of mood.
Perhaps to see like dolphins,
          the electric signatures of distress,
Or like urchins,
          the invisible currents
                    through their feathered fingertips.
To see the ultraviolet lacework of vole trails,
          or the music rising from clover fields
                    in a throbbing gold steam.
To see the magnetic shimmer of the earth,
          or the silver flash of fin beneath the sea.
To see a route by the tracery of constellations
                    or see time in the tilt of sun.
To see so far beyond
          all our myriad human blindnesses.

Booted from Eden
                    through no fault of their own--
Birds borrow heaven
          and for their consolation,
See with the eyes of angels.

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